• Can I use Forum Notifier on other forums? Yes, kinda. It has to be a supported forum, if the forum you’re wanting to use isn’t a supported forum have a staff member of the forum send a request to jordanharrell8 at gmail.com
  • How do I change my notification method? Just feel the form out on https://forumnotifier.wordpress.com/register again.
  • Is it free to use? Yes, it’s 100% free for you to use.
  • Where can I signup? https://forumnotifier.wordpress.com/register
  • Where can I send a suggestion? Send me an email: jordanharrell8 at gmail.com
  • How can I toggle my notifications on & off? Currently you have to contact me, I’m trying to figure out a better way of handling this though.
  • What happens to my notifications if I hit my specified hourly limit? If you hit your hourly limit of notifications, you will not be alerted of any new notifications that happen within the hour. You will begin receiving any new notifications the following hour. The default limit is 30/hour.

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